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About the Breed

About the Breed

Info Regarding Our Australian Cobberdogs

Australian Cobberdog Information

There are Three Main Sizes of Cobberdogs

1. Miniature Cobberdog

Height: 13 inches - 17 inches to top of shoulder

Weight: 15--35 pounds

2. Medium Cobberdog

Height: 17  to 20 inches  to top of shoulder

Weight: 30-48 Pounds

3. Standard Cobberdog

Height: 20 to 23 inches to top of shoulder

Weight: 44 - 77 pounds


Australian Cobberdog Colors

Raven and Black-Pigment is always black, eyes should be similar to their coat and should never be light or staring. Ravens are jet black. Blacks have lighter or chocolate undertones or shadings, especially around the face. Ravens and Blacks are difficult to get photos of due to lighting, but in person they are stunning!

Reds-Reds have a variation in intensity. They range from vivid red to a softer apricot-like color. Many reds, even when born deep red, will fade with age.  Pigment may be either red or black, and eyes should always be a rich brown.  

Brown-Chocolate or Cafe'. Chocolate is usually more of a dark chocolate and Cafe is more like a hot chocolate or Latte.  Pigment must be brown and eyes are usually a clear transparent honey gold to hazel in both colours. The tips of the hair is often bleached out or faded but when parted the color close to the skin is dark. Similar to Ambre hair.

Cream-Cream is any  shade of cream with black pigment and dark brown eyes. 

Caramel-Caramel is any shade of cream except that it has brown (rose/liver) pigment and clear translucent eye color.   Nose, eye rims, lip rims and pads of the paws are brown as well.

Parti-Colour- Parti-Colours ( or "Partis") are white or cream, patched with any acceptable color.  Pigment and eye color are what is appropriate for the solid colored patching.  

Parchment-Parchment generally start from chocolate as puppies and then progressively change color year by year.  Most retain brown head, ears, faces and legs up to about 3 yrs which contrasts to the milky myriad of colors elsewhere.   At times they can look almost lavender when advanced adults. Which chocolate puppies will develop into parchment can be determined at about 8 weeks of age by parting the coat on top of the head. The roots will to reveal a paler color.  Parchments are dilutes and as such, they have liver/brown/rose pigment and hazel translucent eyes.

*Liver/Brown/rose colored pigment is also considered Dilute. There are three main Dilute colors.

Red Rose dogs are just the same as Reds but with Rose pigment.

Blond Rose are just the same as Blonds or cream but have Rose pigment.

White rose is the same as white except for Rose pigment.